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Catalytic Modifier Of Gasoline SYNTECS DRIVE 250 ml

Артикул: FG0020250EN
Производитель: СИНТЭКС
499 р.

Catalytic Modifier of Gasoline (CMG) SYNTECS DRIVE (250 ml bottle)

A unique innovative product which has no analogues in the market for the qualitative improvement of the properties of any commercial gasoline. CMG SYNTECS DRIVE is developed and manufactured in Russia using exclusively Russian natural components that have undergone deep industrial processing. Invariable fundamental principles of application and functioning of any product "SYNTECS" - efficiency and safety of use. We do not offer solutions to fix any problems in one use, as it is not safe for the engine! If there are deposits in the engine (carbon deposits, cokes, varnishes, resins, slime, etc.), then their simultaneous extraction can bring catastrophic damage to the nodes and units. We have a different approach: the guarantee of efficiency and safety.

Using the products of "SYNTECS" you are guaranteed to get and feel the result and the engine of your car will become more efficient (economical, elastic, quiet) and durable as our products significantly increase the life of the processed components and assemblies. Especially relevant is the use of CMG SYNTECS in turbocharged gasoline engines, as well as in direct injection engines (TSI, TFSI, FSI, GDI, D4, Ecoboost, SkyActive and others) because of the outstanding properties of modified gasoline such as detonation resistance purity and completeness of gasoline combustion and other properties necessary to maintain the purity and performance of the engine.


The economic effect of the use of CMG SYNTECS can not be overestimated: the cost of use pays off immediately during normal operation by reducing fuel consumption and all other benefits you get absolutely free! Moreover, the economic effect of reducing fuel consumption does not go to any comparison with the savings that you get from the operation of a serviceable engine as the cost of prevention and repair of the engine is many times higher than the cost of using our products. And the awareness of reliability and security is generally impossible to assess from an economic point of view.

CMG SYNTECS DRIVE in practice implements the following effects:
- effectively and safely cleans, restores and protects the fuel system, fuel injection pump, injectors, spark plugs, combustion chambers (including pistons and compression rings), EGR, intake and exhaust systems (including valves), oxygen sensors (lambda probes), catalytic converters
- significantly increases the degree of atomization of gasoline nozzle
- creates and maintains an antifriction layer in the friction vapors of fuel equipment
- increases the life of units in 2-3 times compared with the use of conventional commercial gasoline
- increases and aligns the cylinder compression
- reduces fuel consumption by 5-10% depending on driving mode
- increases power and torque to 10%
- completely prevents contamination and coking, including in the engine lubrication system
- increases engine oil life by 20-30%
- provides ease of starting the engine at low temperatures
- increases the elasticity of RTI (rubber-technical products-seals, gaskets)
- reduces the combustion temperature in the combustion chamber by several tens of degrees,
that favorably affects the condition and resource of the thermally loaded units of the engine
- prevents overheating of the engine during prolonged operation under load
- reduces the load on the crank mechanism due to the algorithm changes of combustion of gasoline
- reduces engine noise and vibration
- stabilizes the engine at idle
- prevents contamination of turbines (if available)
- absorbs and removes moisture from the fuel system
- performs anti-corrosion function
- reduces emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by 30-70%

Further we will explain, at the expense of what the above effects are achieved.

CMG SYNTECS DRIVE contains innovative components that remove (split) any deposits (deposits on pistons, valves, spark plugs and injectors) in the combustion chamber, preventing uncontrolled ignition of potassium and the effect of LSPI (premature ignition at low speeds), and in the EGR system, ECG, lambda probes and catalytic converters. Highly active components at the molecular level effectively neutralize the negative properties of aromatic hydrocarbons present in gasoline and are the main cause of carbon deposits (coke), preventing the formation of new deposits in the most thermally loaded parts of the engine. In practice, many cases of recovery of "clogged catalysts" due to the complete splitting of "phosphorus and carbon black plugs"have been recorded. In the presence of serviceable catalytic converters, you will never face the problem of their maintenance or replacement, as in normal use with the use of CMG SYNTECS DRIVE, they operate in a "cold" mode. Catalytic Converter simply has nothing to burn, so it always remains clean and relatively cold. The resource of the "catalyst" in this mode tends to infinity, as well as the resource of oxygen sensors (lambda probes).



CMG SYNTECS DRIVE increases the pseudo-octane number by 3 units so You can use gasoline with the declared octane number 92 for the engine designed for 95th gasoline, as well as 95th gasoline with the addition of CMG instead of 98th without any negative consequences. Using CMG SYNTECS DRIVE you are guaranteed to get gasoline with more preferable performance characteristics which has the highest anti-knock properties. Thus using gasoline even of very low quality (with a strongly underestimated octane number, high content of sulfur, oxygenates, biocomponents, etc.) You will be able to avoid damage to the fuel equipment and the engine. CMG SYNTECS DRIVE with constant use brings all involved units from the fuel tank to the exhaust system and catalytic converters to the original (factory) condition by cleaning and preventing new formations and deposits. Cleaning occurs very gently and safely preventing avalanche cleaning which can lead to negative and even critical consequences for the engine. Commercial gasoline with Catalytic Modifier SYNTECS DRIVE burns completely (99.9%) due to the presence of innovative catalysts that provide "volumetric" combustion in contrast to conventional commercial gasoline, which in normal use" explosively " burns only 92-93%, producing a suboptimal load on the piston both in terms of shock load and in terms of the impact phase. Thus when using conventional commercial gasoline without CMG the entire crank mechanism receives an increased load, while significantly reducing the efficiency and reducing the life of the engine.

A significant increase in resource of engine oil is ensured due to the absence of a breakthrough of unburned gasoline in the crankcase (via the piston ring occurs the breakthrough of a minor amount of "clean" exhaust gases (no unburned fuel) with special components for complete decarbonisation all 3 rings of the piston including low scraper ring). Accordingly damage to the entire crankcase ventilation system including gaskets and valves (oil separators) is significantly reduced. For the same reasons the EGR system and the part of the intake tract that depends on the exhaust gas recirculation are cleaned. All these effects together realize a huge synergistic effect that ensures cleanliness and maximum efficiency of the engine. Laboratory analyses of waste oil showed that when using CMG SYNTECS DRIVE the activation of additives in engine oil, as well as the oxidation of oil occur much more slowly than when using conventional commercial gasoline. However, with substantial research experience, we recommend not to exceed oil change intervals under any circumstances. We always advise our customers to change the oil when they reach 350 Moto-hours of operation using our products, and when they reach 250 Moto-hours of operation without the use of SYNTECS products.


IMPORTANT: before the first use of the Catalytic Modifier Gasoline SYNTECS DRIVE it is recommended to apply a Catalytic Cleaner of Fuel System SYNTECS F-Cleaner

One package of 250 ml CMB is enough to modify 250 liters of gasoline which in most cases corresponds to the average amount of motor fuel consumed by the car per month. We recommend to observe the specified proportions (1:1000 - 1 ml of modifier per 1 liter of commercial gasoline) otherwise the efficiency of use will not be optimal. Not desirable but permissible deviation concentration until 20% as in side raising so and declining (50 ml CMB on 40-60 liters gasoline). Increasing the concentration of KMB by more than 20% will not give any positive effect on the contrary the efficiency will decrease in proportion to the increase in the concentration of the modifier in gasoline. It is categorically not recommended to use CMG SYNTECS DRIVE when adding any drugs (acetone, toluene, dimexide and others) because of the unpredictability of the result of use.

COMPOSITION: catalysts based on solutions of platinum group metal salts, complex compounds of alkali metals, highly active biological components, low viscosity hydrotreated distillates of hydrocarbons, alcohols, surfactants. MSDS № KMT-180515-001. Allowed the formation of sediment. Residue safe for all systems is dissolved in the fuel.